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Las Vegas shooting used as excuse for new wave of Gun-Control bills filed In Congress

Federal gun-controllers are using the Las Vegas shooting as an excuse to go after every possible gun-control scheme they can think of. Not one of which would have prevented the Las Vegas shooter from following through with his plans. These new bills only effect already law abiding Americans. Here is the latest list of anti-gun legislation filed as a response to the Las Vegas tragedy since 10/1/2017: U.S. House of Representatives HR 3947 – Bans parts and accessories that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm HR 3962 – Bans online sales of ammunition HR 3984 – Repeals the Lawful Protection…

CHMR Tennessee Shooting Range

Charlie Haffner Memorial Range in Tennessee

For those of us tactical junkies lucky enough to live in Middle Tennessee, a part of the state that loves its firearms, we are well aware of a bearded fellow named Charlie Haffner Jr. We are also in the know about his wonderful property in Williamson County that he runs as Charlie Haffner Memorial Range in honor of his father Charlie Haffner Sr. His gorgeous gun range is a secret to most outside of the gun world, however, if you were interested in shooting for the first time I couldn’t imagine a better place to do so. If you are…

Harsh Firearms Oklahoma

Harsh Firearms

If you live in Oklahoma or are ever just visiting, and you find your way to Norman, Stop by and visit Jared Harshaw at Harsh Firearms. I shot my first full auto AR with Jared and his wife Ashley. They are a class 3 dealer and also one of the best Cerakote guys in the business. Don’t take my word for it, visit their website at

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